Days is a visual diary that lets you capture & share your whole day at once. It's a day in your life, as it really is, in just a few photos a day.

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The Days Blog

Beloved adventurers,

You signed up for Wander before you knew what we were building, and trusted us to make something you would love to use. Today, we do our best to deliver on that promise.

Introducing Days, a visual diary for the iPhone that lets you capture each day of your life as it really is: sunny or dark, exciting or tedious, exceptional or mundane—and always unfiltered.

Download Days from the App Store ( and login with your Wander username and password (if you never set up a Wander password, you will need to create a new Days account).

Days is our first step towards the realization of a broad vision for Wander—to help people connect with the world around them. We hope you’ll use it to document your journey, not just your destinations.

Go ahead, make your Days,

-The Wanderers